Movable and Curved Walls

Movable and curved walls in Swansea, Cardiff, Neath, Llanelli, Bridgend, Newport and South Wales.

Movable Walls design and build

Movable walls are the perfect solution for many applications. Whether it’s general office, meeting rooms, IT rooms, military or medical facilities The movable wall system enables you to remove or replace a panel without removing those adjoining it. The smart design means that you can change a panel without reconfiguring everything around it.

A variety of movable wall systems can be supplied from the basic concertina type to fully glazed walls, offering clients a range of innovative design solutions.

Curved Walls design and build

Coves and curves are increasing in demand as construction moves away from flat walls and ceilings to more ornamental, dimensional looks. We have successfully introduced the curved wall lining system into both commercial and residential construction. We can supply and install a highly cost-effective system specially designed to provide curved walls and linings.

This system can be installed in all types of buildings to deliver design flexibility and aesthetic impact.

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