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New central Cardiff building project is set to accomodate in excess of 4,000 civil servants

Over 4,000 civil servants will be moving to a new building in Cardiff’s city-centre by 2020, in a move towards ‘greater collaboration and productivity’ in the civil service.

A twenty-five year deal has been signed to lease 265,000 sq ft in the Central Square development. It is the biggest ever pre-let in Cardiff.

The single building will accommodate staff from several different UK government departments. HMRC will be the main occupier of the building, with Central Square set to become one of their regional centres.

The deal is part of the Government Hubs Programme which will transform the way the Civil Service works by accommodating several government departments in one building, across the country.

According to the government it will save taxpayers over one billion pounds, free up land for housing and reduce government buildings from 800 to around 200 by 2022.

“The UK Government already has a significant footprint in Wales and I believe that basing several departments in a single office in the centre of Cardiff demonstrates the impact we can make through greater collaboration.

This will not only lead to better integration between departments and create an obvious cost-saving for the taxpayer, but will also send a clear message that the UK Government is visible, accessible and helping to improve people’s lives in Wales.”

– Alun Cairns MP, Welsh Secretary
Government has signed a 25 year lease for 265,000 sq ft in Central Square Credit: Foster and Partners
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